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21 January 2014

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This is a tool that helps recover corrupt PDF documents.

PDF Recovery Toolbox fixes data corruption problems in PDF files. It will help you recover the structure of Adobe Acrobat files. Problems due to downloads and other issues could be fixed. This utility helps analyze corrupted PDF files recovers fonts and other metadata from Adobe documents. This software utility will parse all objects, detected in corrupted Adobe documents, without changing the original file structure. Automatically repairs all inconsistencies, detected in corrupted PDF files and converts restored items into clean documents in Adobe PDF format. This tool is able to run on PC workstation irrespective of hardware configuration often. This tool is well suited for most serious corruptions too and helps recover such files easily. This tool recovers text, graphics, hyperlinks and other objects that were considered to be recoverable. This software utility will let you open corrupted PDF files offline, without the need for connecting to external services of data restoration.

This utility analyzes all the problems using the intelligent engine of data restoration incorporated into the program. The tool is simple to use and will be suitable for most users. The first step is to ask the program to analyze. Restored data will be saved only when approved by the user. The source document is never tampered with as nothing is written into it. Thus the whole process is non-destructive. Once the process is started you will have to wait until the complete analysis is done. This is a good tool to work with.

Publisher's description

Evaluate PDF Recovery Toolbox on your PC if something goes wrong and there is no way to recover the source data from affected documents of Adobe Acrobat format. This application is really easy so you may apply this program without any explanations and additional trainings, provided by the developers of PDF Recovery Toolbox. Treat it like any other PC application and click the setup file of PDF Recovery Toolbox as soon as you get this program on your computer. After this you may click the shortcut of PDF Recovery Toolbox to continue and look at the friendly interface of PDF repair application, our users do not usually encounter difficulties during the analysis of Adobe Acrobat documents. The PDF recovery engine, provided by PDF Recovery Toolbox, allows starting the analysis of PDF files by selecting the path to input documents, it is all you should do, other settings of Adobe Acrobat recovery are not available. Make sure the path you are going to select in PDF Recovery Toolbox is correct and proceed to the analysis of PDF files by clicking the Analyze button. The analysis of corrupted PDF documents is automated so you may proceed to other tasks during the parsing of corrupted PDF files on the same PC or any other computer in the network, if possible. Keep in mind that you may improve the speed of analysis by disabling other tasks, running on your computer or install PDF Recovery Toolbox on a faster computer in the network. After the end of PDF repair session this tool automatically moves to the following stage and converts the data into a clean and trouble free PDF document that can be opened in any program, compatible with Adobe Acrobat. Please open the output file as soon as the recovery is successfully completed and check the integrity of repaired document, make sure the analysis was successful and you may keep on using this file in Adobe Acrobat.
PDF Recovery Toolbox
PDF Recovery Toolbox
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